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Our Why

~ Without integrity, we cannot represent our true selves ~ therefore we must earn the trust and respect of others through alignment in our thoughts, words, and actions, in order to genuinely connect ~

~ Without courage, we cannot lead ~ therefore we must share our unique story with others, no matter how difficult, in order to inspire ~

~ Without commitment, we cannot obtain ultimate fulfillment ~  therefore we must sacrifice to serve others in order to fully realize the ability, resiliency, and beauty of the temples that are the human mind, body, and soul~

Greetings, I am Keebs, creator of the

Performance Warrior Community Philosophy

For a more in depth look at the Performance Warrior Community Philosophy and what inspired the birth of this Connection Portal, read the 'Clarity of Why" under the INSPIRE Tab.

Our Mission


We accomplish this by serving our local, global, and virtual communities through:



Our focus is within the

Three Pillars of the Performance Warrior:

"The 3-Ness's"


Our Invitation

We invite you to explore this network portal with an open heart... if you feel you come across something that resonates with your personal performance warrior-journey, sparks your motivation to make one simple change or collaborate, do not be afraid to act on it or communicate your interest, our door is always open.

Welcome to the Performance Warrior Connection,


~a Muse on-a-Mission~

Instill One Simple Change

Instill One Simple Change

Enhance Performance

Enhance Performance

Live Your Mission

Live Your Mission



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Kayla "Keebs" Boswell | San Diego, California | 412-805-7650

We would love to connect!

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