Our Clarity of Why

Let me start by sharing a realization I had that inspired me to create this collective portal. 

Growing up, I used to keep my ideas and so-called "tricks "or "hacks" to optimize my personal performance to myself, thinking that it would get me ahead in life or help me "beat" the competition. But in fact that way of thinking is isolating, and while temporally satisfying, was actually holding me back from truly waking up to my own gifts and reaching my full potential. 

It was not until people genuinely began approaching me and asking me for honest advice that I began to realize the power of my secrets. I started to feel a shift in my core... I was coming into tune with my higher calling...


To me a higher calling is a force or mechanism designed into the woven nature of our universe to help each living being find their purpose, discover their 'Why' , and reach true self-awareness. The more we are in touch with this calling, the more we are able to answer the call, and therefore evolve into who we were really meant to be for the universe...


My higher calling as a ~Muse-on-a-Mission~ is to

bring life to

The Performance Warrior Community CONNECTION

a three-fold cause:



To continuously be in a state of learning and re-discovering the real, safe, and natural secrets that tend to get buried, both the tangible (science-based solutions) 

and the non-tangible (emotionally-awakening experiences)

to empowering or enhancing the measurable potential of human performance.


To readily recognize genuine and passionate go-getters, experts, partnerships, platforms, connections, and communities that have the power to be catalysts by spreading the truth to all Performance Warriors who are seeking to better, balance, or boost not only their own personal performance but the collective conscious performance of the world as well, through education, events, and service.


To ultimately grow a diverse community and empathetic environment that embodies the Performance Warrior Community ethos, fostering a safe, supportive, cooperative, family-like atmosphere where inspiration and innovation thrive.

What I have learned is that the more we share and educate from the heart, the more we genuinely serve and help others, and empower each other through the ultimate source of fulfillment, hope, and happiness... CONNECTION through SERVICE.