It's time for one simple change that is going to enable you to take healthy back...

It's time to give your Pantry a PERFORMANCE MAKEOVER,

and here I have put together a free solution guide to help you achieve just that.

Ask yourself, does your Pantry look like a modge-podge of random "healthy" and maybe not-so healthy foods and snacks?

When you open it up, do you look at it, staring at random boxes, bags, and tubs of food piled high up the shelves or deep down the cupboards and think "Ugh, I'm hungry and there's nothing to eat..."  Do you waste time searching and digging, only to give up and lose the will power to prepare something that will do your body good?

The truth is, your Pantry is STARVING you, not SERVING you.

And you've come to the right place.

It's time to carry out a Pantry "Purge" and create your very own PERFORMANCE PANTRY.

Here you will find all the necessary steps to increase the functionality and maximize the performance of YOUR Pantry.

After transforming your Pantry with these complete easy steps below, YOU WILL:

- FEEL more organized and energized.

- BE ABLE to quickly create a variety of guilt-free healthy and filling WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED snacks and meals.

- UNDERSTAND how different nutritional "Pantry Cornerstones" play a role in your health and performance.

- LEARN the best "Pantry Superfoods" for a variety of exciting different tastes, textures, and good effects on the body.

- STREAMLINE your shopping list, shop with a purpose, and learn to say "Do I really need this, is it good for the whole family, and will I consume this in the next couple weeks?"

- SAVE TIME prepping breakfast and on-the-go snacks.

- SAVE MONEY by not wasting it at vitamin and health-food stores that carry expensive processed mystery proprietary blends.

- DEVELOP a healthy and fulfilling eating and snacking routine when you are in a time-crunch or just low on meal-prep energy

- BE ABLE to mimic your Pantry "on-the-go" even when at work, traveling, or camping.

STEP 1. Commit to a Pantry Transformation 

STEP 2. Turn on some music, roll up your sleeves, and have some fun with this! 

STEP 2. Open your Pantry - do not get overwhelmed, you can do this . Its the best thing for you, your family, AND your wallet.

STEP 3. Pull a large garbage-can near by so you can just throw stuff away easily.

STEP 4. Begin sorting your Pantry, and here are my tips for how... START by throwing away items that don't serve YOU EVERY DAY.


Begin with stale or old items, or anything you haven't touched within the last month or two. 

THROW AWAY Processed and Artificial Foods - they have little to no nutritional value!

- Fried Chips or Processed Crackers - if you want chips for dipping at a party, buy them the day of for max freshness

- Cookies, Brownies, Cakes, Muffins, Doughnuts, POP-Tarts, or Candy (dark chocolate is ok ;) )

- Instant mac'n cheese

- Enriched white flours, sugars, and cereals

- Imitation sugar candy or additives- for example: fruit snacks , fruit cups, marshmallows, creamers

- ANYTHING with high-fructose corn syrup or MSG, or artificial coloring or flavors

- Artificially Flavored water-enhancers, and instant drinks with ingredients you can't pronounce

- Isolated Vitamins, Proprietary Blend Supplements and any other supplement that is not regulated by the FDA with a Food Label, backed by research, or you don't take DAILY.

- All processed dairy (including fake powder cheese) and meat products (with the exception of tuna fish). [Watch the "What the Health" documentary on Netflix and you will see why]

STEP 5. KEEP and store the below Pantry Items and separate them in the following categories:



- Rolled or Steel-cut Oats, Pinole

- Brown Rice, Quinoa

- Whole Grain Pastas and Chips (Late-July brand carries a great multi-grain chip!)

- Whole Grain Cereals, Muesli, and 1-Minute Whole grain/Steel-Cut Oatmeal Cups


- Dehydrated, Preserved/Dried, or Pureed *real* fruit sand berry snacks - like apple sauce, raisins, prunes, dates, apricots, banana chips, apple chips, assorted fruit puree pouches

- Dehydrated, Preserved/Dried, or Pureed *real* vegetable snacks - like wasabi peas, edamame, kale chips, beet chips, sweet potato chips, vegetable puree pouches

- Legumes: canned beans, bean chips


- Chia seeds, flax Seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, cashews, peanuts, pistachios


- Almond butter, peanut butter, walnut butter, sunflower butter, coconut oil, fruit jellies


- Cinnamon, Cayenne, Pepper, Salt, Tumeric

- GRANOLA/NUT SNACK BARS & : - plant-, oat- ,rice-, and nut-based bars will cause less inflammation than processed whey-protein bars. Shoot for bars that are packed with protein, fiber, are gluten/dairy-free, and are *low glycemic* such the JuicePlus COMPLETE brand bars found here. 

- MEATS / JERKIES - Star-Kist Tuna packs, FishPeople Brand ready-to-eat fish dinners.


-All brands and kinds are good, but avoid artificially flavored instant coffees


The most cost-effective organic, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, WHOLE-FOOD fruit and vegetable concentrates (dehydrated superfoods in powder/capsule-form) that come in vineyard, garden, and orchard blends can be found at the JuicePlus+Company, their products can be found here,


I also recommend a Daily Vitamin D, a Daily Probiotic, and Glutamine for muscle recovery.

Separate any dry or liquid goods you use to cook or bake like nut flours, sugars, oils, rubs, sauces, marinades, dressings and put them in a separate area of your pantry.

Once you have categorized your pantry items you should have a lot more empty space to begin filling it with the RIGHT STUFF in the RIGHT WAY.

Step 6. Design your Pantry around your meal prepping style, taste combination preferences, and on-the-go accessibility.

As a guide, here is what works for me!

Breakfast Shelf- create an "assembly-line" of items, set up like a store (which is fun for kids too) so you can customize your meals and build a "fit-conscious food-kit" to take with you anywhere every day.

Example Travel Breakfast Kit:

- Oat Meal Cups - comes in variety packs - Bob's Oatmeal is my favorite!

- Chia Seed Shots (see below for where to order)

- Eden's Dried Berries Pocket Snacks - comes in a variety of juicy berries and are perfect to add to your oatmeal

- Apple Sauce Squeeze Pouch or Wild Friends Nut Butter packets - both come in a variety of flavors and types

- Travel-size JuicePlus+ Plant-based, Vegan, and Gluten and Dairy Free Protein Powder Packets, can be found here - and come in very yummy chocolate or vanilla, great to bake with too!

If you are interested in trying a single Breakfast Kit (filled with the above items plus More+, so you can see what they are like first, AND get the BEST ceramic TRAVEL Oatmeal Mug on the market click here to buy my custom designed "Mug-On-A-Mission" care package benefiting The Heroes Project.

Example Lunch Kit:

- 1 Minute Rice/Quinoa Cups - comes variety of rice grains

- Tunakist Tuna  packets - comes in a wide variety and seasonings

- KIND Nut & Fruit Bar - HUGE selection - they have savory and sweet flavors! 

- Lundberg or Kim's Deli Pop Rice-Cakes - goes great with almond butter and chia seeds for a power-snack!

- Justin's or Wild Friends Nut Butter Packets - a must have****

Example on-the-go Energizing Snacks:

- NOKA  Superfood Blends- - comes in a variety of superfoods with Rice Protein!

- Munk Pack's Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze - NEW!

- Cliff Bars - Filled with Nut Butters - NEW!

- Apple Sauce Squeeze packs

- CLIFF Bar's NEW Energy Blend Squeeze Packs

- JuicePlus+ Plant-based, Vegan, and Gluten and Dairy Free Protein Bars, can be found here and come in Dark Chocolate + Fig and Tart Cherry + Honey, VERY TASTY.

SHARE YOUR PERFORMANCE PANTRY TRANSFORMATION with BEFORE & AFTER pics, and have your transformation featured on the PERFORMANCE PANTRY blog and Facebook page! Send pics and a short description of what inspired YOU to carry out a Pantry "Purge" , to performance, and I will also send you a free Mug-On-Mission gift-package for inspiring others to take control of their health and livelihood starting with one simple change.


Mentioned above, the items below are ABSOLUTE STAPLES when it comes to re-stocking your pantry after your purge with the most nutritional on-the-go-ready-to-eat , travel friendly, with mix-n-match snack varieties so you never get bored!

Check out my favorite Performance Pantry Approved staples and variety-packs found on AMAZON below and start stocking your Performance Pantry with the nutritional foundation that serves YOU today!