Welcome to Pantry2Pack!

Pantry2Pack is my

Free Live Weekly Face-2-Face Demo & Consultation Service

to help YOU plan fit-conscious food-kits and snacks that are:

travel-friendly, simple, and easy!


I provide solutions and hacks for EVERY type of

"away from home" adventure or life-style/activity

without the use of "traditional" meal prep:

Adventures such as:

Multi-Day Camping Excursions

Mountain-Hiking / Biking

Day-Trips / Picnics

Business Trips

Military Deployments / Training Exercises

Road Trips

Boating Trips

Commercial Air Travel

Family Vacations / "Stay-cations"

Retreats / Meet-ups

Camping Festivals

Lake/Beach Outings/Picnics

Mountain / Snowboarding / Skiing


Life-Styles & Activities such as:

The Busy Parent On-the-Go​

The College Student On-the-Go (Dorm-Room Friendly)

The Collegiate Athlete On-the-Go 

The Busy Professional On-the-Go

The Busy Entrepreneur On-the-Go

The Fitness Competitor On-the-Go

Air-BnB Hospitality 

Kids/ Teens School Lunch-time 

Kids/Teens After-school Snack-time

Kids/Teens Outdoor/Indoor Extra-Curricular Activities / Clubs Snack-time 

Kids/Teens Sports (Side-line-Fuel)

Kids/Teens Performance (Backstage-Fuel)

I specialize in preparing people for limiting circumstances.

All too often we find ourselves or our family in these types of non-ideal situations with no plan or back-up plan, and end up resorting to unhealthy options such as vending machines or fast-food, and in turn derail our attempt to maintain a healthy lifestyle and perform as nature intended.

Such circumstances include:

No Cooking Appliances / No Access to Electricity

No Fridge / No Freezer / No Sink

Only a Microwave or Camp-Fire

Austere Outdoor Environments (with only water)

No Utensils / No Dish-ware

Animal or Insect Conditions

Extreme High or Low Temperatures / Weather Conditions

Food Allergies / Preferences

Foreign Country Food/Water Limitations

No Access to Fresh Produce (Fruits, Veggies, Berries, Nuts, Grains, & Seeds)

Limited Packing Space

Limited Carrying-Weight

Limited Preparation Time

Limited Consumption ("Break") Time

Limited Budget

Long / Extended / Night-shift Work-Days

Long / Extended / Night-shift Commutes

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