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Give the gift of the Ultimate On-the-Go Oatmeal Mug!


Stuffed to the brim with best goodies to fuel their day!

Packaged and gift-wrapped with care!


Give the gift that Gives-Back, benefiting The Heroes Project.

All of the goodies you will find inside PERFORMANCE PANTRY'S Mug-On-Mission are:

*On-the-go - single-serve items or custom kits for easy packing and consumption
* Ready-to-eat - requiring basic or no utensils, and little-to-no preparation
* Non-perishable - requiring no refrigeration
* Travel-friendly - including air-travel through airport security
* Proven products – in the realms of sports nutrition, wellness, and dietary needs
* Dairy-free, vegetarian, plant-based, gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, low-glycemic

Featuring whole food options for every part of your day or adventure:
* Energizing fuel for the day

* MACRO and MICRO Nutrition for sustainment and recovery

* Balanced anytime snacking