Hello, let me introduce you to Keebs' Tips.

"Keebs" was my original callsign given to me by my squadron when I used to fly for the military, and now it's a nickname that even friends and family call me. But over some time I have given life to this nickname from a different perspective…

KEEBS is an evolving culmination of experiences and observations combined with deliberate reflection, research, and action.

I would say KEEBS is awareness coming to life… A philosophy of how things fit, interact, and a lens through in which things, people, communities, and ideas can be viewed.

KEEBS stands for ~ Karma ~ Energy ~ Empowerment ~ Balance ~ & Sacrifice.

My goal with this tip source will be to share anecdotal nuggets of "KEEBS" that are meant to INSPIRE reflection, further exploration, and action.

I am simply following my intuition to start this and let it evolve as it will.

If you are reading this then I do believe you are here for a reason. I believe we attract those who are seeking similar states of consciousness and understanding, and that there are forces at work in our universe that synchronize our paths…

Welcome to Keebs' Tips, the official Tip Source of Performance Pantry.


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