KARMA Secret #1: You are what you...

Simple right? We've heard it all before, "you are what you eat"... but it seems as though many of us have forgotten the true power behind those words.

I recently read a book by Cameron Diaz, called The BODY BOOK, if you haven't heard of it highly recommend it. (I have to admit, I never expected a celebrity to be so on point when it comes to presenting "how to take care of your body", but she nails it.) In the book she begins by describing why EVERYTHING starts with the FOOD you put into your body. Food (and Water) is our life-source and making the right decisions is critical to the growth and protection of every cell in our body. It's simple, but it's powerful.

But sometimes the science and the research doesn't do the trick, sometimes we just need a little reminder in the form of inspiration to choose the right thing, here are some of my Top 5 Food Mantras when deciding what to put into my body:

~ Eat the Rainbow ~ consuming a broad colorful spectrum (of a wide variety of fruits, veggies, and berries) can provide powerful protection against the effects of free radicals from everyday toxic radiation exposure. Interesting article on the radiation we are exposed to here.

~ Become a Food-Maestro ~ preparing, ordering, and eating food should be like going to a beautiful symphony, where each type of macro-nutrient (protein, fat, & carbohydrate) and micro-nutrient (naturally found vitamins and minerals) plays a synergistic part in your body to work in concert with one another. The result is a musical master-piece. Try to get most of your macros and micros from WHOLE FOOD nutrition, not from processed, isolated, or synthesized versions. Interesting video on Food Synergy here.

~An Apple a Day Keeps the Dr. Away~ It's true! An apple has over 100,000 phytonutrients and anti-oxidants. Phytonutrients are what make plant-food so powerful and play a huge role in cancer and disease prevention. A multi-vitamin does not even compare to what's in REAL vine-ripened plant-based food. Other sources of phytonutrients here.

~ You Get What You Put In ~ Performance. Digestion. Muscle. Hair. Skin. & Mood. All of these things that can either make or break your day, and even your life. And each one is critically dependent on the nutrients you give your body, which YOU are in COMPLETE control of. If you feel out of control, every day is a chance to start again, I recommend all my Performance Warriors to check out the Shred10 Program (Shred10.com) for detoxing your body, and getting on the right track to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Contact me for more details.

~ This Ain't no Acid Trip ~ your body functions best when it is in an "alkaline" state. However things like sugar, dairy, soda, alcohol, and even coffee are very acidic which throws our body's pH out of balance and it is then forced to pull calcium from our bones and teeth causing damage and decay in our body. Disease thrives in acidic environments. Most veggies, fruits, beans, seeds, grains and berries are Alkaline foods. Help balance your body's pH every day with 30 different whole-food nutrition concentrates in a convenient capsule form with JuicePlus+ found here I take it everyday after my morning coffee.

There are a lot of decisions that you have to make every day when it comes to fueling and protecting your body at the cellular level, but if you stick to these 5 Food Mantras you will be giving your body the best chance to perform and live at its best.

KARMA Secret #1: The circular shape of your plates, cups, and bowls should remind you every day...

~ What goes around, comes around... put the right things in your body and it will reward you ten-fold ~


KARMA Secret #1: You get what you put in.


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